Crystal Kamerton The International composers Prize for children and the youth
named after ANDREY PETROV


It is undertaken till 1998 year by the Union of composers of Russia, The Theatre “Amphion”,
The Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky,
Russian Academy of the Music named after Gnesinies
with the support of The Moscow Government
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Gennadiy Tules, Head of the Contest: On the 15th of February 2006 the Great Russian Composer, the outstanding musical and public figure, the ideological father and the founder of “Crystal kamerton” Andrey Petrov went aloft. We have lost the Man, who was endowed with unique human and professional merits. It was easy to communicate and to work with him. It was impossible not to love him and not to be delighted at his oeuvre. His race was great and successful, and looking at this we gather strength to take for granted everything happening with us. Because the world order is just and wise, and it can be clearly seen from the consensual love and recognition, which accompanied Andrey Petrov all his life long. And this idea gives us strength to live carefully keeping cherished memory of him in our hearts, and to continue the work of education for the young composer’s generation of Russia that we have begun together. And we are happy and honored that Andrey Petrov’s relatives gave us a pleasure and credence and let us give the contest “Crystal kamerton” the name of the Great Russian Composer Andrey Petrov.

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